About A.S.O.F.

In brief

ASOF was founded on April 24, 2021 by a small group of Armenian scholars. The group gradually grew into an apolitical non-religious organization that brings together some of the most accomplished Armenians, and some non-Armenians as well, from around the world. 

Officers of the 15-member ASOF Executive Board are elected every year at the annual conference - 3 new officers per year -  by the Fellows of the Society. 

ASOF operations are managed by the Executive Board, the committees that the Board sets up, and task forces that members can form around common interests. All these efforts are coordinated into two types of initiatives: programs and projects

In brief, programs are smaller scale, in-house, and often exploratory initiatives, while projects are transformative large scale initiatives meant to eventually spin off as separate entities. 

ASOF bylaws dictate that the organization shall self dissolve in June 2042. 


To help raise Armenia’s educational and research institutions to world-class levels, and to network them globally.

To contribute to the development of a modern, sophisticated, and internationally networked civil society in Armenia.


To help the Armenian Nation achieve her full potential as a key contributor to world culture and to the world’s collective effort to deal with the significant social challenges it faces.

To help safeguard Armenian culture in Armenia and abroad, and to expand its visibility and contributions.

ASOF is a non-profit registered in the United States, France, and Armenia.

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Statistics on Membership

Support ASOF

Help us transform Armenia into a educational and research powerhouse for the sciences and the humanities. 

You can donate to the ASOF operational budget, or contribute to individual programs and projects that are larger scale. 

Donate in small monthly recurring amounts to provide commitment and security for our operations. Donate in larger amounts to programs and projects that are close to your heart. 
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