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Some view research and academic endeavors as something abstract and theoretical. 

They do not appreciate enough the long-term impact of higher education and research on society and the enrichment such activities bring to their lives and aspirations.

ASOF has initiated #OutreachForArmenia program with the support of our partner Teach For Armenia and the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), organizing short visits of ASOF scholars and experts to Armenian schools in and beyond Yerevan. 

The goal is to help connect and inspire Armenia's young generation, but to also inspire the scholars and experts from the Diaspora with the potential and dreams of young Armenians.

A selection of recent participants

  • Oshin Peroomian
    CTO at Metacomp Technologies, Inc.

    "The ASOF outreach provides an opportunity to connect with the future of Armenia."

    Julien Zarifian     Professor of U.S. history and civilization at the University of Poitiers, France

    "This was an opportunity to talk about higher education in France and the USA, and to learn more about it in Armenia, thanks to the young, smart people at the #Students'Home."

    Serob Khachatryan
    Executive director at Children of Armenia Fund

    "If we ignite flame of love for learning in just two to three schoolchildren during our visits, we consider that to be an achievement worthy of celebration."
  • Zaruhi Hakobyan
    Affiliated researcher

    "This is a nice experience. My first outreach in this format. Thank you for organizing it."

    Ashot Papoyan
    Co-Founder and CEO of Elm Tree Research

    "It was a great experience for me. Thank you for organizing."

    Vladimir Asriyan
    CREI Senior Researcher, UPF Adjunct Professor and Barcelona School of Economics Affiliated Professor

    "Thank you ASOF. I enjoyed my visit very much."
  • Vahagn Vardanyan
    International principal at Han (Chinese) Academy in Hong Kong

    "This outreach is necessary for us to clearly see what is happening on the ground. I believe this program can make a difference in the schoolchildren's lives."

    Kevork Mourad 

    Multidisciplinary Syrian-Armenian artist, NYC

    "Aralez secondary school is blessed with young minds that bear the wisdom far beyond their years—they are our little philosophers. Engaging with them has been an immensely rewarding experience, so much so that time seems to have flown by unnoticed."

    Vicken Cheterian

    Lecturer, History and International Relations, University of Geneva

    "This outreach is more about making a difference in our children's lives."

Outreach goals​

Inspire the future generation of scholars and experts in today's schoolchildren.
Encourage the new generation to take an interest in cutting edge scholarship and research.
Discuss the elements of research and academic life, which can include setbacks in a process leading to success.
Increase the visibility of science in schools and society, promoting the scientific method and its relevance to our lives.

Our Visits

Sisavan Secondary School, region Ararat
17 October 2023

"My generation lost Artsakh, but your generation must ensure that there are no more losses in future. And this rationality should start here and now, as tomorrow will already be too late. You are the ones leading the future of Armenia. You are destined to become our Hambarzumyans, Mergelyans, Khachaturyans, Babajanians... "

Oshin Peroomian delivered a powerful and inspiring message to the schoolchildren at Sisvan Secondary School. The speaker emphasized the importance of preventing future losses, stating that their generation had already lost Artsakh, but it was up to the younger generation to ensure that there were no more losses in the future. The speaker had a powerful message which resonated well with the students, urging them to start thinking about their future now. It was a call to action and a message that could inspire anyone. Oshin tried to encourage the schoolchildren to take charge of their future and to strive towards making a better world for themselves, their families, and their country.

  • Gifts for a student with the highest grades

Students' Home, Yerevan
23 October 2023

"Work hard, believe in yourself. There is no magic that will make you achieve your dreams and goals, unless you are super lucky or super rich. Otherwise, as a regular person, you should just work, work hard and be smart. Try to be strategic but not too much, just a little bit. Always ask yourself, 'If I do this, what will be the outcome?'."

Julien Zarifian gave an insightful talk to the students on the significance of hard work and self-belief. He acknowledged the absence of magic in achieving success. He emphasized the need to work hard, and to be strategic in decision-making considering the outcome of actions for better and informed choices. Overall, he tried to encourage and inspire students to pursue their goals and aspirations tirelessly, with the ultimate reward in form of success and self-fulfillment.
  • Magazines in French for the students

Aygeshat Secondary School 
after Y. Hovhannisyan, region Armavir
15 December 2023

"Taking care of your brain is of utmost importance and it is highly advisable to prioritize it in the same way you prioritize the care of your body on a daily basis. Make sure to engage in brain exercises, practice reading, writing, as part of your daily routine. Remember, a healthy brain leads to a happy life."

Serob Khachatryan talked to the schoolchildren about the importance of learning how to learn. He highlighted that our education system is struggling to keep up with other nations globally. We're currently ranking around 50 to 60 in the world, which is a cause for concern. In light of recent events, it's more important than ever to prioritize and improve our attitude to education. The stereotype that learning doesn't make a difference is entirely false. Having knowledge and education is crucial to securing a successful future with higher wages. While it's true that some people have succeeded without education, they are not the majority. It's time to stop believing in false notions and take action to improve our learning experience.
  • Gifts for the school.
Gifts for the students.

Aralez Secondary School, Ararat region
23 April 2024

Kevork Mourad exemplified how the act of painting uncovers our innate ability to weave together disparate elements to form a unified whole. This theme of unity, of joining forces, symbolizes peace and collective effort. In this sense, painting becomes a metaphor for our shared humanity, as we coalesce into a singular entity.

It's imperative that we derive pleasure from our work, for lack of enjoyment easily seeps into the quality of our output. As an artist, Kevork Mourad's primary objective is to serve as a conduit for Armenia and its rich culture, introducing it to the world through the strokes of his brush. His paintings are not merely canvases filled with color; they are windows into the soul of his homeland.

He highlighted that the schoolchildren's curiosity and zest for learning serve as a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of the boundless potential that lies within each of them.

Tsakhkadzor Secondary School, Kotayk region
21 May 2024

Vicken Cheterian, a respected figure in the field, introduced the concept of journalism to the schoolchildren in a comprehensive and engaging manner. He described journalism as not just a profession, but as the production and distribution of reports on a critical interaction - the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that make up the "news of the day". This is vital as it informs society about the world they live in, and it does so with at least some degree of accuracy.

He went on to discuss the fundamental principles of ethical journalism, principles that every aspiring journalist should abide by. These are public accountability, a duty to the public to be transparent, impartiality & fairness, the commitment to report news without favor or bias, humanity, the obligation to treat all subjects of news with respect and dignity, truthfulness & accuracy, the commitment to strive for accuracy and present all facts truthfully, and objectivity, the principle of reporting news without the influence of personal feelings or opinions.

Furthermore, he shared insights from his personal journey, tracing his career path from starting off as a translator to becoming a journalist. Most notably, he highlighted his experiences during the time of war in Beirut, a period that undoubtedly shaped his career and outlook on journalism. Through sharing his experiences, he provided the schoolchildren with a real-world understanding of the field and its challenges.


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