Every year in June, ASOF members are invited to an annual conference to participate either in-person or remotely. This is an important gathering where the roadmap for the next year is charted together, strategies for the future are developed, collaborations and networking are seeded, and new Board members elected. The annual meeting is advertised on the ASOF Public Bulletin.

Past Meetings

The ASOF Executive Board meets about every 6 weeks remotely. These meetings are for Board members only, except on occasions where certain members are invited to solicit advice. Minutes of all Board meetings are public and posted on the ASOF website.

Meeting minutes

Group meetings include remote meetings of committees, task forces, and in-person local meetings of scholars. Committee and task force meetings are advertised on the Member Portal and are open only to committee and task force members. Summaries of these meetings may periodically be posted on the Bulletin. Local meetings are open to all ASOF members and are advertised on the ASOF Bulletin and via email. 

ASOF Public Bulletin


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