ArCH: Armenian Cultural Heritage is dedicated to the sustainable cultural development and protection of the cultural legacy of Armenians, both within Armenia and globally. In promoting knowledge, ArCH aims to unite and enhance the efforts of all stakeholders, as a crucial strategy for the conservation and promotion of Armenia's endangered cultural treasures and contemporary artistic endeavors – while highlighting the importance of awareness and academic collaboration in the face of global challenges. 

Guiding Principles

ArCH recognizes the role of cultural heritage in the construction of a peaceful and democratic society, in the processes of sustainable development and in the promotion of cultural diversity as described in the Faro Convention and has among its objectives the promotion of a greater synergy of competencies among all the public and all the institutional and private, local and international actors concerned.

ArCH intends to express the views of the civil society and to be alongside the promoters of projects for heritage preservation and enhancement by supporting and facilitating the implementation of well-designed activities aimed at the research, preservation, enhancement, and management of the heritage of Armenians, both in Armenia and abroad.

ArCH is fully independent and apolitical, and promotes a participatory approach through the involvement of all the stakeholders for the safeguard and promotion of the culture and heritage of the Armenians in the world, with the belief that the responsibility towards cultural heritage should be both individual and collective and that the conservation of cultural heritage and its sustainable use are crucial for granting human development and quality of life.


  • Encourage academic research aimed at the proper identification, study, and safeguard of Armenian cultural and artistic heritage wherever they might be located,
  • Foster collaboration and create synergies to avoid duplication and/or replication of projects, with a focus on the fruitful integration of Armenia and the diaspora,
  • Assist Armenian institutions in the creation, improvement, and implementation of effective legal and regulatory frameworks for cultural heritage protection and promotion,
  • Promote vocational training and school educational programs focused on culture – to foster knowledge, preservation, and production of the arts,
  • Ensure a scientific approach to the preservation of monuments and artifacts and improve local expertise in Armenia,
  • Ensure efficient allocation of resources to support the design, the funding, and the implementation of quality projects,
  • Enhance the global knowledge and appreciation of Armenian arts and culture, and ensure proper identification of Armenian masterpieces,
  • Facilitate the mobilization of those people who care and promote the involvement of civil society and the younger generations,
  • Promote the natural attractiveness of territories and increase the quality of life of their inhabitants,
  • Promote artists and creative industry.

Council Members

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