Think-Tank & Assessment

The Society is guided by decisions based on data and the scientific method. ASOF’s Assessment Committee is to produce a series of reports:

❖ An initial report on past Diaspora-Armenia engagements, and recommendations based on these experiences.

❖ Another report will assess the state and needs of Armenia’s current education system, and develop a set of recommendations for modernizing it, to help transform it into an engine that produces world-class professionals – from the elementary schools to graduate programs, in a comprehensive manner and through a coordinated approach.

❖ Future reports will continually assess the Society’s work and impact, and provide recommendations for needed adjustments.


The Society will strive for proportionate representation of all genders, to the extent that that is possible, both in its make-up and in the projects it initiates.


The Society will embrace excellence in all ventures as a foundational principle, pooling together the expertise of the best minds of the Diaspora, Armenia, and other scholars from around the world.​

Apolitical & non-religious

The Society will not involve itself in politics, whether in Armenia or abroad, and will not have any religious affiliations. The Society will base its doctrine on international humanistic values.


The Society will be all inclusive of all segments and subgroups of society, across ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and economic classes.


The Society will guide its operations based on scientific methods, relying on data and assessment mechanisms.